An apology

In my haste and excitement to complete my ‘Farewell Underhill’ article, it was brought to my attention I missed a few friends off the list which indeed is true.

That increased list of friends I’ve made should include Nik Myles, also a wedding reception guest, long online conversations back in the day on MSN Messenger debating all things Barnet and even a Tuesday night trip to Shrewsbury where the pub stop off menu included ostrich and kangaroo burgers, well they’re not going to eat one of their own are they!

Michael Hanley, better known to his friends as Migs, debating all things Maidstone Utd, Barnet and general football, the best memory the curry after that 2004/05 promotion season and then more celebrations in the Weavers afterwards.

Dan Whiting, another with a Kentish upbringing, and Paul ‘Ruff’ Ruffhead, again great people to share a story or two with over a beer whether it be football or in some cases cricket.

There are  many players and matches I could recall, but I’ll save that for another article at the end of the season if not before……….

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