The whirlwind that is running a football club


My blog has been a bit quieter than I would have liked the past few weeks and with that possibly not going to hit my monthly target that I set myself.

It’s not through lack of things to write about nor writers block, so what then? Well, it’s because my time’s been taken up with running a football club! Yes, you read that right, that little club in the picture is Wick FC, currently entrusted to yours truly and has been for around the last 3 weeks.

And boy what a eye-opener this has been! I originally agreed to become the new Secretary around the beginning of the World Cup, to take over the admin side of the club alongside what I already do as Social Media and Website Editor. Our Chairman, who held the club together so well during a difficult time off the pitch last season, decided he was no longer enjoying the role and had decided to step down leaving just me as a senior serving officer as he was also undertaking the Treasurers role.

I don’t think anything can prepare you for being chucked in at the deep end be that jobwise, dealing with any kind of incident nor running a football club, you just get on with it with the right mentality. It’s a case of either quickly learn and pick up bits where you can to avoid any penalties or fines.

There are bills to pay, to get the club into leagues and competitions to get the season started. Players to register, utilities to sort out, ground improvements to be completed, phone calls to take and make, stock to buy to serve the main bar and tea bar, pitch to cut, lines to mark and this is without a competitive ball kicked in anger yet!

I sit on a committee of just 3 other people, plus a club president and someone who looks after our bar area. All 5 of these have been a massive support and help, not just for the last three weeks, but beyond that from last season and going into this one. The hours spent by some of them at the club has been phenomenal and something I can’t thank them for enough, without them supporting me Wick FC would have struggled to be in a position to get through pre-season and ready for next weekend’s big kick off at Storrington.

My wife has been very patient during this time with my phone going off constantly, more than I want and in the next couple of weeks I hope in some shape or form I will have a chairman once again to lead the club, to take some of the weight off not just me but everyone.

The next time you switch on the TV to watch the next Premier League match, remember there is a club like mine on your doorstep run by volunteers, still attached to the game but under-loved and under funded, pop along have a cheap pint and a burger, enjoy the game.

And if you can, donate a couple of hours a week to help out, you’ll be appreciated more than being a number in the big commercial world of the money men, our pyramid of grassroots football is unique, let’s preserve what we have, who knows you might even enjoy it!

If you head to our club website later on Saturday, you will see pictures of what we’ve done around the ground this season to make it look a little better and more inviting. It’s not finished and will continue as we start the season, but we’re pleased with what we’ve done and achieved so far.


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