Happy Birthday to me!

BirthdayHappy birthday! Well not to me, but to this blog! Yes, one year ago today I decided to set up this ‘football writing blog’, mainly for fun, to air an opinion upon football, non league in the main, and the odd NFL bits.

What has happened since in my eyes is nothing short of remarkable. The last few months have seen this writing blog really take off and increase the amount of people seeing what I write. For the last 5 months I’ve had over 100 visitors to the blog which was something I hoped would begin to happen by the end of this year and then push on beyond that in 2019.

But I’m already in front of where I expected or was hoping to be, and with that in mind and almost hitting 100 visitors already for October, I’ve got to now extend my target and look at 150-200 for the remainder of the year. Can it be done? Well, only you good people reading my blog can answer this! I am truly humbled by everyone whose taken a look at it, I try and keep it as diverse as I can to attract a wider audience, ‘something for everyone’ probably should be a tag line or something!

The other thing I can’t get my head around or more I should say I’m amazed by is where in the world this blog is visited and read! This month alone someone in Brazil and Qatar has logged on and read what I’ve written, last month Australia, and even Nigeria, you can say I guess I have worldwide appeal!

Whatever it is, it’s already going beyond what I thought I might achieve, the next question is where can I take it to? Possibly, there is no limit and it’s as far as I want to take it, but it all relies on one thing, you the reader and for that, thank you to everyone who has logged on and taken a look, there’s plenty more to come!

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