It’s a topsy-turvy world!


It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged about Wick Football Club. No real reason because there’s been plenty going on over the last few weeks and what I’ve experienced so far this season in just five months is far removed from what I expected back in those summer July days.

So, where do I begin? Well, the last time I updated you all, we had just appointed a new manager and were looking at finally stabilising the on the pitch issues whilst we continued to grow off the pitch. And it was all going to plain until just over two weeks ago where we found ourselves looking for the third manager of the campaign.

A short stint of just 4 weeks felt much reduced than it was but this time we had appointed a new chairman in that last month which meant this time the decision was helped to make. This coming weekend, we begin again and fingers crossed it’s the last appointment we have to make this season. Whilst it may be beyond us to gain promotion this season due to the amount of league games already lost, top 5 once again is not out of the question and there are still plenty of games left to put a run together and make that our aim.

Away from the football side, we keep trying to improve things off the pitch to keep the income flowing and to be able to improve things for the football side. Already the pool table, fruit machine and jukebox provided us with a good start to their first month. The card machine is in full service and is providing us with a steady stream of income from the functions we host, we aren’t close to a cash point so this is a vital way for our customers to be able to carry on drinking and not worry about having enough money and ending their evening early. As it also puts the money straight into our bank account within a few days it saves time getting the cash to the bank.

We’ve replaced our CCTV system, vital to keep the clubhouse as safe as we can, we have work ready to commence to replace bulbs on the floodlight pylons in the next couple of weeks, keeps the finances tight but these things have to done to allow us to keep operating.

We hosted our first Halloween Party at the end of October, again something new we’ve tried and things to improve on for next year’s  but we turned a profit after expenses which is the key thing with anything we do. We have posters up all around the club and sharing over social media and the website for our first New Years Eve party, room for plenty and food included in the price. There are plans for more events in 2019 as we would be silly not to try and maximise the potential the clubhouse has for making us money.

With less time needed to deliver the Secretary admin role, I’ve been able to get back on the club website more often and head us back in the right direction. Currently we sit ranked 140th out of over 1000 football websites on Pitchero, and some articles can attract over 200 unique visitors to read whats written. Our Facebook posts can achieve between 150-450 viewers at a time, we now need to work on a way to convert some of those into attending games on a regular basis, that is a big aim for us in 2019.

As we head towards the turn of the year, it doesn’t let up with 6 games to play along with functions on every weekend after this one coming. Busy times but time for more to happen and then begins the planning for how we finance the club through the off season before 2019-20 kicks off, hopefully with considerably less dramas than I’ve witnessed so far……….

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