Keep it moving

Smash it

When I set out to share my views, my opinions, my ramblings, I didn’t know where or what direction this blog would head in. At the very worst a few people would stumble upon it, like a bit here and there and possibly come back every now and then.

At best, people like it, head back every time there’s a new post and boost the figures, the stats, the measure to me of how well articles are received and a sign of whether devoting blog time to particular clubs or leagues or events will determine a follow up over the course of a season. Some of that does come down to how well I market what I’ve written, shared it in as many Facebook groups as I can, hash-tagged the best people on Twitter to get it out there wide and far.

I  didn’t set myself a target when I first began, mainly more I think because I wasn’t ready to set a goal. But, even in the first few months I averaged 30-60 visitors and that set me thinking there is no point to this without a target. And after a couple more months earlier this year of over 50 visitors, I couldn’t help but feel there’s something there for this, room in the market for me and my words.

100 I deemed a reasonable target to set myself, 20 visitors a piece, 5 in 30 odd days would get me there. Now, I’m not naïve enough to realise that each piece would attract 20 visitors each time and 5 pieces a month would not always be enough, finding the right article to share is paramount. I’d hit over 150 visitors right at the start of 2018, something that really opened up my eyes, and the first month I’d set the 100 target, I went over 150 again!

But, it didn’t stop there! I hit over 100 visitors for 4 months running, so I had to re-evaluate and aimed for 150 in September. Had I really under-estimated how big I can get this to be? Maybe so, as I sit here on Xmas Eve having had 4 months of over 150 visitors that target might have to be increased even further! Half way through this month, I hit 200 visitors for the first time, with 7 days left of the year why not aim for 300 to end on a high note?

I’m very humbled by the success of what I’ve put in front of people to digest, I’m lucky on some weeks stories just present themselves to me and there isn’t enough time to do them all, going searching for something to write is all the more satisfying when you see people come to read what you’ve written.

Besides writing this blog, I also write for another football site and I’ve been approached to write for a further site, another measure to me of where I am at and now in the next few days I will have to decide where and what level I take this blog to, the potential I’ve found in just over 12 months is staggering and I have a hunger for it to continue. It may involve dropping the NFL side and taking that elsewhere to the new site, decisions, decisions!

How am I going to achieve a further 100 in 7 days? Well, this is the 7 day blog to end 2018. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful few days break with my family until I go back to work and there will be countless articles landing in my lap to finish off the year. But, I don’t achieve any of this without you all out there reading what’s in front of you and for that I am truly grateful, so I hope you enjoy the festivities of the next few days, like the 7 day effort coming up and continue to join me on the journey thats only just beginning, I’ve set my goals and then demolished them…….

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