New Year, new goals


A belated day 6 of the 7 days of blog. I didn’t quite get to complete the challenge I set myself over Xmas and with a busy few days following New Year I’ve ended up in 2019 to finish it off.

Targets and goals are there to be set and beaten and so far I’ve smashed out a few in the last twelve months. This time last year, I’d managed around 3 months of blog writing and it was still to be a few months before it began to take off. My aim at the very beginning was to enjoy writing and if people wanted to read it all well and good! I soon found though there’s something in what I write as the stats for 2018 show for themselves.

Over the last twelve months, I’ve had to revise my targets a couple of times. My first aim was 50 visitors per month, which soon increased to 100. That target had to be increased again late last year  when I hit that particular target 5 months in a row so up it went to 150 which is the current target per month as we go into 2019.

At times I find it a bit surreal, when you see a hit from Australia, Germany and even Nigeria, who the hell wants to read my words! Someone does and each month it surprises once more that this blog is read beyond these shores. So, my target I’m setting here is to somehow increase those hits abroad, that might require a different way for me to market and promote it, but another challenge to undertake.

The last month of 2018 saw something that made me have a re-think of things over my Christmas time off about where to take this blog and what to do with it. I ended up with almost 250 visitors in total and from just 8 postings, I came to a decision to come away from the NFL and leave this as a purely non league football blog to concentrate on that. With so much scope in the pyramid of grassroots football, there is more than enough to generate the levels I set myself and thats where it will be.

Within the last two weeks I’ve been approached to write for a further online site, another one to pay me for what I write, again not megabucks but this came from my work being seen on the site I’ve been writing for regularly and now with two columns. There is scope for me to get my NFL ramblings into another site who have also approached me as well, who knows maybe this year might be the one where there’s a decision to be made between a full time job and relaxing that a little, it’s a dream but if you don’t dare to dream, then what’s the point……….

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