Wickers going for glory


So, here we are, cup final week! The chance for glory and the icing on the cake of a disjointed season hopefully never to be repeated. Title chasing Steyning Town stand in the way of the cup heading to Crabtree Park but there is no reason why we can’t be the ones celebrating come 1pm on Good Friday.

As per the semi final, we have the home dressing room but this time in the away kit of all grey. East Preston, which is just down the road from Wick, is our venue for the morning kick off and our first chance for silverware in nearly five years.

For those regular readers of this blog, you’ll know this has been a season not quite like I expected when I became Secretary back in July last year. And you will also know that I won’t be continuing in the post past the end of the season, it takes up too much of my time, time I need to spend on writing and less attached to games. I can’t deny it’s been a very eye-opening experience but one I’m not planning on repeating any time soon. On the other hand, I won’t be walking away from the club, staying as Treasurer and more time doing the social media side which is more me and more what I prefer to do, my fingers are firmly crossed we have a successor very soon.

At the beginning of the year when Dan and Luke took over, they were aiming to get to the final, which of course they’ve achieved. We’ve also been more stable in most cases despite players still moving on and also coming in and whilst we haven’t set the league alight we have given most teams a game and not failed to field a side which can become a problem with constant managerial and player changes.

After the weekend, two more league games to go, both at home to round off the season. But to those who think it ends there think again. Our planning for next season has already begun, split into smaller mini meetings for different aspects of the club to ensure we are in better shape than we were going into this season. Whether we will be remains to be seen, but we’ve kicked things off and we’ll see where we go, it won’t be for the lack of trying!

What next then? Well, a pitch and ground to repair as much as we can, grass to cut, places to paint and clean. Rubbish to clear, affiliations to pay for, bills to come out and then before you know it off we go again, 2019-20 is just around the corner………………..


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