Going out with a win

Final WickSo the sun has set on the season for Wick FC, well almost there’s one more charity game to play in the next three weeks against some good opposition. But as far as league and cup games go, we’re done! A 9th place finish in the end and cup runners up is in reality not bad considering how this season has panned out, ending with a 3-1 victory over Sidlesham puts a better feeling on things after struggling days earlier to get just 10 players on the pitch.

I’ve certainly learnt a lot since last July and this being Secretary of a Step 6 club is something I sadly wouldn’t want to do again. There’s been plenty to anger and frustrate me on a even basis, I’m not going into details here or anywhere on social media, thats not my style but there are two sides to every story. There are plenty of things outside of my control that I don’t agree with and it’s no wonder why clubs struggle financially at these lower levels, some in my opinion brought on themselves, other finding obstacles at every turn as they try to progress.

What I’m hoping for is it’s seen that we are in better shape than 12 months ago and that we will have planned as much as we can for next season to begin 2019-20 in a good position. Financially we’re in a similar position to last year which in effect is pretty good considering we’ve had bills to clear from last season whilst maintaining this years expenditure and having to deal with the usual unexpected things that need fixing.

We’ve have some new ideas once more for next year, re-introducing the membership scheme, half price entry and room hire for the residents whose road we sit at the end of, these amongst a few other things. Unfortunately, some prices will increase for next year as we have swallowed increases in our utilities costs and the price of beer barrels for the second half of this year, but that can’t be sustained if we want to carry on moving forward.

Decisions are still be made over the management team for next year, our Under 18’s have confirmed they will be staying with us and both our other two outfits that use our ground are very keen to return, the pitch has shown it can take four teams so we will continue once we repair the pitch over the next two months or so. Our floodlights will undergo some work to ensure they’re ready for midweek games from July/August, whilst those two main objectives will take up a bulk of the budget there is plenty of little bits to do to improve the cosmetic look of the place.

And whilst all that is going on, we still have to make sure we’re doing as much as we can to get the clubhouse booked out to keep paying the bills until the football re-starts in pre-season. There will be various emails over the close season to confirm what sides the club will have next year, competition entries, training venue to secure, affiliations to pay, sponsorship renewals to send out and new leads to follow up on and pre-season friendlies to arrange along with match officials. I’m sure I’ve forgotten things in amongst that list as well, but it should still be less manic than last year! Fingers crossed there will be a new Secretary in place within the next four weeks and some of these tasks will fall outside my time, I’m sure the close season gets just as busy these days as the full season.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading these Wick blogs since last July, they will continue next season staying on as Treasurer and social media man but hopefully with the aim of getting elsewhere to watch games and adding a bit of variety to what I write, there are some great clubs out there who deserve a bit of publicity and highlighting just as much as my own, who knows where I may end up, it could be your club…………………………….


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