On the way out

000_0003So, here we are blog number 100. I was kinda hoping this would tie in with the last day as Wick FC Secretary but that is still five days away despite knowing we have a replacement for me and as I have quite a few ideas to get down on paper over the next few weeks this is the tie-up on my time.

Those of you who are regular readers and those of you not so much will still know I’ve spent the last year almost as Secretary and Treasurer of a Step 6 club, indeed at one point I guess I was the Chairman as well! And regularly it’s been anything but plain sailing, until the season turned into 2019. What it did give me was plenty of material for this blog and something to give people an insight into what goes on and happens in a club at this level, the time you have to commit.

It’s been an absolute experience, but on the other side of it not one I want to or plan to repeat ever. The fact we do these ‘job’s as volunteers, alongside full time paid jobs, a family life and for me blogging and paid for writing, juggling balls is something of an understatement. Thrust in at the deep end and it was very much sink or swim. We swam off the pitch and you can see around the ground what we’ve achieved whilst trying to balance the books after a tough 12 months previous.

On the pitch, well that was a game of two halves you can’t deny that! Six managers in total, numerous players signed on but balanced maybe by reaching the cup final and although we finished runners up thats the base to build from for the coming season.  And thats what we have to do keep building the infrastructure to support both on and off the field activities.

That started around 6 weeks ago putting together plans of maintenance to be done across the summer months, how we planned to make money whilst there is no football until pre-season starts, gaining extra sponsors and finding more ways to get people into the club.

So far we’re part of the way through this, the pitch has undergone it’s summer work and now it’s just a case of water, water, water. Cosmetic things such as weeding and pitch barrier repairs are underway, sponsors will be receiving letters next week along with a revised letter to hopefully encourage others, we’ve a new membership scheme to kick off and something for the residents as well. We’re going for bar promotions and admission offers once we get our fixtures released, don’t stand still or everyone will pass you by.

We’re in place already on the pitch with a full backroom team to compliment our new manager Terry Dodd and the pre-season schedule is set, nothing to do there until his players turn up for training at the end of June, by which time most of the summer jobs will have been completed.

Whilst that bit is in place, this next few weeks will see the admin side for the Secretary in full swing. Affiliations and league registrations to be completed, signing on forms released ready for sending in on July 1st. We will find out soon if we’ve been successful for an FA Cup place this year along with the FA Vase draw and preparations will begin for those games with extra paperwork to do as well.

With less ties to the club next season in the form of Treasurer and Website/Social Media manager, my plan or hope is to get around to more games to diversify what content I put on here and be able to blog the minimum once a week (two per week is my target) whilst not being tied down to answering emails, acknowledging bookings and sending’s off or some other piece of club business which needs my attention.

I’ve some great pieces to come over just the next couple weeks, I’ve even had offers from people connected in different areas of the game to want to sit down for a blog piece, different angles and views you probably won’t get to see too often.

That Secretary ship will have sailed come the end of this week, it’s given me great insight for a year but time for the next chapter at the club, sometimes you just have to keep on reading………..



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