Almost ready to go


Sitting at the club, Wick FC of course, this morning watching a youth game taking place, it’s not long till the action get’s going for real. Two more pre-season friendlies for us to go on Tuesday night and then next Saturday where we have quite a unique game going on.

At Crabtree Park next weekend, it’s Wick FC vs Wick FC! No, its not an inter-club friendly, there genuinely are two Wick clubs, well actually there are more if you read the Non League paper and look towards Scotland. Our opponents, nicknamed The Owls, are travelling up from Bristol on Saturday morning and we hope they have a great stay in Sussex.

We’re hoping it attracts a few groundhoppers being that it’s something different and we see a good crowd that afternoon. Pin badges from both sides will on sale during the day for £3 each, our badge being new this season and another revenue stream however small. Fingers crossed we’ll even be getting the game recorded for our new channel Wick FC TV.

A new addition to what we’re doing this season is our home league games filmed by Your Instant Replay. It has many benefits to us and not a lot of clubs around us are using it so we hope it gives us a leg up on them! For Terry and his team, its a great coaching tool for analysis purposes. For the players they can see themselves in action and put out on social media their goal scoring exploits, saves or great pieces of play. For the club, we have our own You Tube channel, which is live now (link at the bottom of this article) and will feature full matches, a match highlights section complete with commentary and room for sponsors to have their logo permanently in the corner of each clip that is viewed. There will also be after match interviews with players and manager alike. You can’t stand still in this game or you get left behind.

We’ve had a good summer repairing and replacing things, still some things to achieve as we go on, but with a very good bunch of volunteers we all do as much as we can in every area. Our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts are doing well and posting and viewing numbers are on the up.

The clubhouse continues to be well booked for functions, a very vital revenue stream for any club of this size to keep the coffers ticking over, sponsorship renewals are beginning to filter through and we are confident of attracting a lot of new sponsors this season.

However we can make money we will, there is a win bonus this season but we’re not throwing money at players whilst the facilities need replacing and the bank account needs loving, the club has to survive and live within what we can do, sometimes it means something else has to last just that little bit longer but thats the beauty of grassroots football, book balancing is my job for the season………..

The link to our You Tube channel Wick FC TV is below, head over and subscribe:


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