Time for the final call

20161105_142835 (2)

Regular readers will know the image above, those of you reading for the first time or unable to recall the blogs of last year it’s Wick Football Club, my local club and until yesterday the one I was Treasurer of and also the person who ran the social media side.

Some of you may wonder why I’ve stepped away, well it’s a combination of things really. I’ve lost the enjoyment and enthusiasm to want to be involved which is not me. It disappoints me in a way because there is a good squad of players that go out onto that pitch and have the club at the right end of the table and in the mix, credit to Terry Julian and Ian a far cry from last season’s struggles.

I’ve missed quite a lot of Saturday games this year due to various commitments and if I’m honest it hasn’t bothered me, I don’t get the buzz banging out on social media it’s matchday or we’ve won with goals from X, Y and Z, that to me says I need a break from it. At times along with the job I was doing this year it was distracting me from writing articles, I wasn’t wanting to pick up the laptop despite the fact some of what I write I get paid for.

Running or being involved with a club at this level is a real eye-opener for anyone and if I could turn the clock back to when I first agreed to take over as Secretary, my answer this time would be no. There aren’t many moments where it’s been enjoyable, I can’t say I ever thought about being in one of the major roles and being led to believe it was ‘a piece of cake’ my experience certainly doesn’t want to make me do it again. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the club or it’s people far from it, I need to step away for me.

There are factors away from the club as well that wouldn’t persuade me to take it again, lack of support from the governing bodies and leagues when you’re new to the job, no help just fine you instead from your first misdemeanour because clearly you should know what you’re doing, it’s no wonder there’s so much frustration around the non-league scene with whats expected of volunteers and no margin for human error.

Maybe one day in the future I might return, never say never, but I also have plans of my own which need to take priority next year, things to develop and some might take me into pathways which could take me to a point where being involved in a club wouldn’t be possible, as per usual though watch this space………..


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