Terry Dodd: I wasn’t expecting to leave

Terry Dodd

Earlier this week I popped a few questions across to former Wick FC boss Terry Dodd to find out how he felt last season went before it was made null and void, why he left Wick and what the future holds:

TK: Around a year ago you got offered your first job in management, what did you think when Kevin (Playle-Howard) phoned you up to offer you the job?

TD: A little bit surprised to be honest, I was actually thinking of hanging my boots up and getting back on the golf course! I thought about it for a week or so, spoke to ex-players and managers that I had played with for advice and then thought I’d give it a go and to be fair got the buzz back again for the game.

TK: Initially how did you find it having that responsibility off the pitch and how important was it to get a good backroom team?

TD: It was something totally different and I wasn’t expecting it to be as full on as it was, I was a bit naïve really! But it’s something that I really enjoyed and got a kick out of it! I knew I had to surround myself with experience as I was new into management and Julian (Curnow), Browner (Ian Browne) and Big Al (Alex Bryant) I had a whole load of knowledge which really helped, and we work well together.

TK Did you find it difficult or not to attract players to Wick given the budget wasn’t the biggest in the division?

TD: Between all of us we know a lot of players in and around Sussex football, so it wasn’t hard to attract players. I was straight with them from the start that there was only a win bonus but most of them weren’t bothered about money, they wanted to buy into what we were trying to do at the club which was progress game by game playing decent football.

TK: And before the season had been suspended how did you think the season had gone?

TD: Well considering we were a new management team and built the squad from scratch I’m chuffed with what we achieved, all the staff and players gave their all and I’m really proud of that! Our aim when we came in was to get promoted and at the time we were 4th in the table which would have seen us get promoted, so I’m really happy with how it went.

We were onto something special at Wick, I believe that there was a buzz around the team and I was gutted to tell my players who gave me 100% that it was all over.

TK: What moments from the season stand out for you?

TD: I enjoyed every minute of it, and I don’t think it’s moments that stand out for me, it was just the quality group of lads we had and everyone was in it together which is rare to find.

TK: Were u surprised to receive a phone call to say your services were no longer required at Crabtree Park?

TD: Yes I was a bit if I’m honest! We were going in the right direction as a club and that’s why I took the job in the first place, they were ambitious, and it appealed to me. They made themselves clear they wanted promotion and to push the club forward and we were succeeding in that!

Maybe the current climate had something to do with it but for whatever reason they want to do things on a much smaller budget next season and decided our ambitions didn’t match their own which is true. But there’s no hard feelings between us and I wish Wick Football Club all the best in the future.

TK: Had you already put a lot of plans in place for next season for whenever that is due to start?

TD: I had all of pre-season planned out, already I had players committed from last year’s squad and was also bringing in a few new ones to improve things, it was looking really good for next season.

TK: What next for Terry Dodd then?

TD: I haven’t really thought about it yet, I’ve had a few clubs interested thought in me playing for them, but if the right management job comes up I would be very interested in it! So, I’ll just see what happens over the next few weeks/months and make a decision from there.

My thanks to Terry for his time, all the best for the future.

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