And still we wait

The rest of the pyramid must be looking at whats going on at the very top of their game in a bit of disbelief. I understand why the National League have held off, so they fall in line with the Football League but the constant drag on is unbelievable.

I believe null and void for them is still an option on the table if today’s proposal does not go through which would actually bring them in line with the full non-league pyramid. Should the proposal be accepted then is there good reason for the rest of grassroots to feel a whole ‘them and us’ situation over major decisions, not to mention a missed opportunity for a team to move up to the South division and everyone else to shunt up one division, that of course can open another can of worms as to how it would work with such a short space of time before we expect 2020/21 to begin.

The National League have always informed their clubs they are working towards a September start for the new season and I would expect the rest of the pyramid to begin at the same time, for now time is running short these play-offs must get going.

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