Guest Series: Jimmy meets……

In another of the popular Jimmy Langton meets series, goalkeeper Amadou Tangara is the player in focus:

JL: Which club have you felt most at home at?

AT: To be fair I’ve been always welcomed at most of the clubs I’ve been at, from my time at (Grays Athletic, Dulwich Hamlet and Merstham)  all these clubs made me feel very welcome, but I have to admit that Bognor Regis have been special to me.

JL: Who is the best manager you’ve played for and why?

AT: I have played for some decent managers over the years such as Hayden Bird, Gavin Rose, Jack Pearce and Robbie Blake here are excellent too, I feel really lucky in that perceptive.

JL: Are there any role models that you look at to and why? 

AT: I look up a lot to my dad because he had such a positive influence in people’s lives around him, he has done so much for our community in the Ivory Coast. Having grown up seeing all he has done for the area around him and his family; I must admit that it motivates me to be a better person and to help as much as I can around me. 

JL: How did you end up signing for Bognor Regis Town? 

AT: At the beginning of the season I joined Kingstonian after a successful season at Merstham but it didn’t work out the way I thought it would so when Bognor contacted me over a possible move I didn’t hesitate because Bognor Regis are well known to be an attractive footballing side. After a couple of games I just fell in love with the club and the fans and  I am so happy to be here. 

JL; Did you have any trials at any higher league clubs? 

AT: I have had some trials with few pro clubs previously but not this year. 

JL: What are your favourite football clubs ( apart from Bognor obviously)? 

AT: Haha! I definitely love Bognor, and I am also a Chelsea fan. 

JL: Which coach do you think you have benefitted from most in your career so far?

AT: My academy manager in the Ivory Coast he is the reason why I am a goalkeeper today and he has been looking after me since I am 8 years old till now, he still does.

JL: What is your favourite colour ?

AT: My favourite colour is blue because it reminds me the natural beauty of the sea 

JL: Who’s the best player you have played against? 

AT: Bertrand Traore (Chelsea) in an international tournament in Burkina Faso JL: Do you intend to go into coaching when you have retired from playing?AT: I am already into coaching on a part-time basis, I will definitely consider going into full time coaching when I will decide to stop playing.  

JL: Who’s the best player you have played with?

AT: One of the best players that I played with in non-league football is Ghass Sow currently playing for Kingstonian, he was a big part of our successful season last year at Merstham. 

JL: Why did you choose to be a goalkeeper? 

AT: I didn’t choose to be a goalkeeper I was a right back, and one day our goalkeeper didn’t turn up so my  coach asked me to get in goal so we can do some finishing, and I was enjoying it so from that moment onward my academy coach started playing me in goal. That’s how it all came about. 

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