Live streaming shouldn’t be ending

Last season we know was a different and difficult time across football, especially at non-league level. As clubs, as fans, as league officials, in a lot of cases we learnt to adapt as the season moved along its way.

One of things that happened and needed to very quickly was streaming of games mostly at National League level due to the branding of the ‘elite’ tag meaning they weren’t allowed spectators whilst those at Steps 3 and below saw their fans back inside until the suspension and ultimate culmination of their season came along.

Some of the quality was very good, some pretty shoddy and some well you wondered what you paid for in the first place. Granted a lot was put together in a short space of time but some clubs were still providing, well not sure you could call it a service, ropey efforts in February.

But, it seems, the FA who are re-instating the UEFA ruling, believe we’re all back to normal already, that the blackout from 3pm onwards on a Saturday returns in force this season once again but you have to ask yourself why?

Levels above non-league I fully understand, there are TV deals in place and to a degree you can argue the same for the National League clubs despite the North and South clubs not getting live coverage, so then why can’t it continue from Steps 3 and those below them?

Last season was innovative as it needed to be and while we are in a position to watch a game at all levels this season there are going to be people not comfortable with attending games at their local clubs.

Much like it’s personal choice about whether you wear a mask in public places or continue to want to social distance, the same could be said about attending a match in a stadium well populated by people, but by the same token there will some who are not comfortable with this.

Should they be discriminated against unable to watch their team when streaming games from the lower levels? Surely it’s going to add to the income home teams need to replace from last season and before, would it actually encourage away fans who are unable to travel to tune in?

I believe it would and I think this is a massive own goal of the highest proportions from the FA, I can’t say I’m surprised at all, I mean they’ve only had a few months to have a think about this and maybe actually do something for the good of the game, but hey let’s not get in the way of the shoddy job they do as the national association.

But the daft thing is it doesn’t appear to apply to midweek games, it’s about as clear as a government policy isn’t it! As long as you avoid the 2.45 – 5.15 section on a Saturday you’re free to do as you please but I can’t see clubs streaming bit parts of their season.

It should surely be an option if clubs want to explore it, there will be many below NL level that didn’t stream anything last year but why can they not give it go this year, floating fans might be picked plus also those visiting fans who can’t spare the time to travel could watch it live or even later in the day as a recorded option.

That’s not to say it will take away the experience of watching live inside a ground and nor would I want it to, it’s all about exploring the options for those less fortunate and those that need a little more time to feel comfortable around groups of people once again.

Surely, the FA should be lobbying for change due to our football system compared to the rest of Europe? At times though with the FA you’ve got to wonder if it’s 1921 we’re living in and not 2021………

One thought on “Live streaming shouldn’t be ending

  1. It’s a very out of date rule especially for lower leagues. I like to live stream my team’s matches on YouTube but also fall foul of this rule. The live-streaming has actually brought more people to the matches rather than detracted from attendance figures.

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